Site Support Equipment

Built for the Canadian Market.


Cavalier Industries Ltd function as the exclusive Canadian factory direct manufacturer’s representatives for Allmand Brothers. Cavalier Industries Ltd, in our unique partnership with Allmand supply unique equipment solutions to provide safety focused products to oil, gas and mining industries.


Our focus is to provide a turn-key solution to meet demanding safety guidelines and specification.Our commitment is to develop the highest quality equipment in order to provide real-world solutions for demanding applications.

Since 1938, Allmand Brothers Inc, located in Holdrege, Nebraska, has designed and manufactured a range of premium site support products.


Upon the introduction of the industries first portable light tower solution in 1954, we have constantly strived to understand customer requirements, and set the bar for performance and safety. 


SHO-HD lighting system creates the brightest, whitest light system on the market today


V-Series light tower: unparalleled safety, and operating efficiency.



Competitive Advantage

Performance is the name of the game.


  • BRIGHTER LIGHT:  The SHO-HD 1250 watt parallel lamp outshines the competition with a powerful 150,000 lumens per fixture

  • BETTER COLOUR: Enhanced Safety & Productivity.  SHO-HD provides whiter light for greatly enhanced visibility and a safer, more productive work environment

  • MORE COVERAGE: 31% More Area Lighted.  SHO-HD 1250 watt lamp illuminates up to 52,000 square feet of surface area to 0.5 foot candle or brighter 

  • Switch operation - no pins, locks automatically in any position. Operators can “Look up and Live”, out of harms way during raise/lower procedures

  • Increased operational efficiency, with 20 seconds up or down

  • No hassle setup -  time greatly reduced, more flexibility 

  • Toggle switch operation at rear of tower

  • No pins or position lock on tower

  • No winches to maintain, cable stretching and flat spots are reduced

Night Light Pro - LD/V

Narrow Body compact design, lay down or vertical mast configurations.


  • Optional 110% fluid containment 

  • CSA Approved design

  • Fork pockets for simple transportation

  • Allmand SHO-HD lighting system 

Night Light Pro - LD/V

Narrow Body compact design vertical mast light tower.


  • CSA Approved design

  • Fork pockets for simple transportation

  • Allmand SHO-HD lighting system 

Maxi-Light Wide Body Series

Wide Body, heavy-duty design for mission-critical operations.

Fully bunded frame allows for 110% fluid containment, including hydraulic mast

CSA Approved design

Fork pockets on top and bottom of the unit

PAL Series Port-A-Light

Port-A-Lite® products help workers produce their highest quality work in concrete finishing, paving, masonry, roofing, excavation, mining, refineries, quarries, demolition, waterfronts, training sites, and special events.


  • Available in 120V 60 Hz and 230V 50 Hz models (50 Hz available with 1000W lamp only).

  • Fxiture storage on base of unit

  • Product engineered to meet or exceed the strictest safety guidelines found in modern industrial applications

  • Designed with Canadian power distribution power requirements in mind. Single and Three phase power options available. All units are CSA approved.


Night-Lite E-Series

As the special event solution, the Night-Lite™ E-Series is built to be easily deployed across a venue. With multi-directional forklift pockets and the ability to withstand 50 mph winds, this unit has the durability to be used in many different environments. Performance is key with the Night-Lite™ E-Series. This unit offers a 154,000 lumens output to light up your space with 4 LED light fixtures; as well as an automatic on/off functionality with a timer and photocell.


  • Structure - Five section tubular steel design 

  • Actuation - Electric Winch 

  • Tower Rotation - Complete tower rotates 359° 

  • Guide Pads - Polyethylene self lubricating

  • Frame - Formed, welded steel design 
    Multi Directional Fork Pockets - Ease of transport.

  • Swivel Caster Wheels - Grease seals in raceway, poly on aluminum wheel and a stainless roller bearing.

LSC Control System

Any user of construction equipment knows that it is a resource that needs to be managed.  How can we do more, faster, with less effort.


Work-Site lighting is a key factor in operating safety during darkness, this unfortunately requires a good amount of human interaction, and carries operating costs for fuel and maintenance.

We beleive in smarter solutions - automatic control systems to start, stop, and operate lights as required in any condition - why not have the tower do the thinking - after all we don’t send out a crew to turn on and off street lamps.

  • Automatic start stop function with GPS location map - this allows for exact start up and stop pending sun rise and sun set location

  • Diesel fired block heater allows for warming of engine prior to cranking

  • Digital gauge screen allows user to veiw all key operating parameters of 

unit  for operating / troubleshooting information

  • Tested in the coldest and more extreme Canadian locations

  • Dual AGM batteries allow for scheduled starts/stops with allowances for weekend stops or holiday settings


  • Less operator interaction reduces opportunity for incidents

  • Less run hours means less oil changes and fuel fills

  • Ensure that site lighting is always on, at the right times and manage your temporary lighting system effectivly

  •  No wasted engine hours means you can utilize your site support equipment assets longer and more effectivly.

PAL4000 -Shed Light

•Bolt on light tower system for portable or permanent buildings - SHO-HD Lighting

•Includes: Bolt on tower, ballast box, and inside lamp storage bar

•230v, 30 amp power requirement

LED Lighting Systems

All Allmand light towers can be configured using the Almand LED high output fixtures.


  • Low power consumption

  • Whiter brighter lighting

  • Can be configured with main disconnect feature to allow for multiple towers to be plugged into a single unit

Maxi Heat - MH1000

 Indirect combustion ensures only clean, breathable air is entering the work area.


Twin heater units, producing a maximum of 1,010,000 combined BTUs, may be operated independently depending on heating requirements. Standard 16inch heater outlet flanges and optional flexible ducting provide a wide variety of heat distribution options.

Maxi-Power™ Mobile


Maximize the power of your jobsite with the Maxi-Power™ Mobile Generator. This generator comes equipped with a heavy duty, oversized alternator equipped for starting any motor size needed. With a frequency switch for flexibility of jobsite power needs, and 15 inch tires for longer wear and greater towing capabilities, this generator will last and deliver the power you need to get the job done.