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Submersible Pumps

Designed for industry.


From 1/6th HP to 30HP.


Each designed for one or more applications.


Models available include: Slim Line Top Discharge De-Watering pumps; Vortex, Single/Double Vane impeller pumps; Shredder pumps, Grinder pumps for effluent, sewage and industrial waste; Heavy Duty sand, sludge & slurry pumps with agitator for agricultural waste & mining applications.


Pumps are available in various materials such as: 316 CAST Stainless Steel, Noryl, Titanium and Cast Iron. All pumps above 1/2 HP have double mechanical seals and electrical overloads to protect the motor. Most product improvements come about from input from BJM customers.


The manufacturing facilities where our pumps are assembled are all ISO 9001. Customer satisfaction and product improvement is a continuous commitment.

R Series Dewatering

The Bullet Pumps (R-Series submersible pumps) are ideal for dewatering construction sites, mines, circulating fountain water or for all-around use in industrial plants and utilities. They have a Slim-line design, enabling the operator to easily fit them into casings as small as 8" in diameter. Top discharge also provides maximum motor cooling for continuous duty applications.

LWA - Light Weight Agitator

THE LWA PUMP IS TOUGH! Submersible light-weight agitator dewatering pumps An economical tough pump designed to outlast rubber lined and cast iron pumps.

KZN Series - Heavy Duty Slurrey Pumps

Made from high quality steel materials and featuring heavy duty wear resistant impellers, these submersible pumps are designed to tackle the toughest conditions. BJM Slurry pump - The perfect solution for sand, sludge, and slurry removal.

XP-SK - Explosion Proof Shredder Pump

These heavy duty submersible agitator pumps are designed to tackle the toughest conditions. The impeller, wear plate and agitator are made of abrasive resistant 28% chrome iron (600 Brinell, 57 Rockwell C). The top discharge & slim design allows the KZN agitator pumps to fit into tighter and thin spaces.

SV Series - Non clog
Trash Pump

The SV-pumps are equipped with Vortex impellers, undoubtedly the best non-clog impellers ever invented for the handling of mud, raw sewage, viscous liquids, rags, wood chips & other solids. They are capable of passing solids up to 90% of the outlet diameter.

HAZ Series Mine Spec Pumps

The HAZ pump is the first permissible slurry pump (MSHA Approved) with an agitator. Designed to resist abrasive wear that causes loss of pump performance.

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