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BN Rebar Tools

Built for the Canadian Market.

Founded in 1925, with headquartered in Wickenburg, Arizona, BN is a principle supplier of Portable Rebar Benders, Portable Rebar Cutters, Battery Powered Rebar Tiers and other related equipment sold through leading Construction Supply Distributors throughout the USA, Canada and Latin America.


BN is passionate about supplying the best product lines, and providing superior customer service. They represent innovative quality products and marketing concepts that exceed customer’s expectations while anticipating their needs for tomorrow. BN strives to be a trustworthy company based on strong values and to be the leader in their markets by placing the customer first.

Rebar Cutters

Models range from 

16mm (#5) - 32mm (#10)

cETL approved

Manual Bender/Cutters

5/8” / 16mm capacity

Adjustable bending roller, up to 2.5”

Unit ships mounted on board

Combo Bender/Cutters

Models range from 16mm (#5) - 32mm (#10)

cETL approved 

Electric over Hydraulic 

Heavy duty design

Tabletop Rebar Benders

Models range from 16mm (#5) - 32mm (#10)

cETL approved 

Preset angle locks for repetition

Rebar Tiers

Ties up to 32mm (#10) x 32mm (#10)

Reduces tying time

Single hand operations allows operator to position rebar

Unique flush-cutting blade guard that greatly reduces blade exposure

Designed to emit minimal cutting sparks and the cut material is burr-free and cool to the touch

Cutting Edge Saw
Paddle Mixers

From low-viscosity paints to high-viscosity mortars we have a new mixer to get your job 

done quicker, safer and easier than using a conventional 1/2” drill. BN professional hand held paddle mixers and you will get the job done 30-40% faster!

Bolt Cutters

The New Design BNBC Bolt Cutter Comes in three sizes and all have three cutting edges!

Replaceable and Rotatable Cutting Three-Edge Cutting Blades are made from Special Hardened Alloy Steel for Long Life.

Robo Joiner

The Robo Joiner makes concrete 

control joints quickly and easily. The Joiner makes both rolled-edge and narrow saw cut like joints. It saves time and effort when making control joints in wet concrete

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