Built for the Canadian Market.

DyMac Canada is an authorized Canadian distributor of DyMac Global products for the Canadian market. DyMac Global products are designed, constructed and certified to meet the highest international standards for fuel handling.

DyMac Canada was established in 2007 to develop a range of robust and innovative tanks, that could manage the refuelling demands of todays high pressure global industries. The initial brief to our engineers and designers requested a product that would be versatile, strong and highly adaptable. By adhering to only first class manufacturing processes and using top grade materials, what emerged was a patented, innovative and game changing bunded tank design suitable for all site conditions. Our goal with the AceCube Tank was to not just to engineer a “fit for all purposes” fuel storage tank, but one which would also satisfy environmental concerns.

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The Ace Cube Versatile Range features galvanized stacking corners and has primary and secondary galvanized hatch lids. The unique 3 tier component system comprises of a main outer lid, primary inner tank and outer protection tank. It also features a large and easily accessible equipment compartment for the safe securing of pumps, filters, hose reels and dispensing nozzles, all of which are supplied by DyMac Canada.

The AceCube Standard Range is available in various sizes (450L -10,000L) and is suitable for portable, transportable, static and offshore applications. It has approvals from leading test laboratories worldwide and is UL 142, ULC S601-14, UN31A/Y, IBC, ADR certified.


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ACECUBE – Road Tow

The AceCube Road Tow Bunded Fuel Storage Tank Range are designed to carry fuel volumes ranging from 450L to 3000L and have been constructed to fit directly onto designated single axle and twin axle road tow trailers. The range comes complete with pre-designed trailer connection ports, which are positioned under the bi-directional base frame, insuring stability and safety.

The AceCube Road Tow Trailers are available in a completely galvanized finish or in black powder matt paint. Standard features include mud guards, a third wheel jockey, stabilizers, reverse brakes, inbuilt countersunk tail light fittings with protection cover, heavy duty ball hitch and brake away cable. All trailers are designed to fit the AceCube Tank Range only.

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The Enviro-bund Interceptor range features a carbon steel, seem welded bund tray with a raised flow forge floor platform. It was first developed in 2009 and comes complete with four eye lifting devices and site contents gauge for monitoring the liquid levels in the bund. The Enviro-bund interceptor allows for the secure storage of IBCs, Drums, Single skin and Double wall fuel tanks, Diesel Generators, Engine Driven Water pumps and site compressors.



The FuelTainer Range has a large and uniquely designed equipment compartment that houses a modern fuel management system and it is constructed with a flow forge floor for effective spillage control. It has double compartment doors with a 3 point secure locking system and the option of a fully removable inner tank is also available. This combination of features align to make it the tank of choice for a significant number of industry leaders worldwide. 27,000L to 68, 000L 



The FuelTainers Maximus spacious and patented design houses a contemporary fuel management system, suitable to meet the fuelling requirements of the modern manufacturing, construction, mining and farming sectors worldwide. Features such as; a fully removable inner tank; a flow forge floor to allow for spillage control and double compartment doors with a 3 point secure locking system, make it a leader in its field. The range is available in four sizes and can carry volumes of up to 115,619 Litres.

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The BlueCube Bunded Tank ( BCV-15-2D ) is a dual fuel tank with a 1550L fully bunded diesel tank compartment and a 200L fully bunded Adblue/DEF tank compartment, combined under one overall 2000L outer protection tank. It can be easily positioned onto a dedicated twin axle trailer and has a large equipment compartment for electrical pumps, hoses and dispensing nozzles. It features an electric diesel pump with dispensing kit positioned at the diesel side and an electric pump with dispensing kit positioned at the Adblue/DEF side of the tank.