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AC and Dehumidification

A leader in air and water cooled portable air conditioning solutions, Koldwave has assembled a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art portable air-conditioning systems, capable of addressing the full spectrum of temporary, spot, and emergency HVAC cooling applications. Rugged and reliable, our units are ready to go right out of the truck and can withstand even the most punishing environments. And Koldwave takes responsibility for the solutions we provide, working with you to determine which units best fit your operational model and meet the needs of your customer base. We also leverage our market insights to help you sell our air- and water-cooled air conditioners effectively to your customers. And all of our solutions are backed by reliable technical service and support that keeps our units operating at their peak.

Air and Water Cooled 1-8 Ton

Koldwave’s portable air conditioning equipment provides temporary, emergency, spot, and supplemental cooling anywhere you need it. Koldwave’s quiet, efficient operation and 6,300 to 92,000 BTU/HR of portable, reliable cooling make it ideal in a multitude of commercial settings. 

Industrial AC 3-30 Ton

Industrial A/C, Heat and Dehumidification equipment for the rental and portable applications

Industrial design for true portability. 

Manufactured in USA to your specification. 

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