Portable Heating Equipment

Built for the Canadian Market.

DRYAIR was founded in 1994 to research and develop potential hydronic heating and cooling applications. The initial product launch, in 1997, was in the agricultural industry with the introduction of an innovative grain drying system. Further innovation has led to a DRYAIR family of portable, hydronic heating systems that provide affordable and reliable climate control solutions to a variety of industries.


DryAir products are designed and made in Canada. 



Green Thaw Systems

Mobile glycol heating trailers designed for ground thawing, concrete curing, and air heating. 


  • Optional 110% fluid containment 

  • CSA Approved design

  • Pateneted Fuel, Air and Glycol heating system

Patented pre heating system makes operation in even the most extreme conditions possible utilizing our glycol, air and fuel preheating system.


  • Pre-heated combustion air to burner module utilizing a glycol to air heat exchanger

  • Fuel line heating ensures proper atomoization and combustion of diesel fuel

  • Electric Glycol heater lets you pull the unit from the yard - pre heat for 20 mintes - fire up and walk away - no need to pull unit into the shop for a warmup / cold starting and adding additional strain on components. 


Glycol flow reversal system keeps curing and thawing even:

Innovation by Design.

Central heat modules are designed to be integrated into a very wide range of applications including: air/space heating, process heating, ground thawing, concrete curing.


  • Highly portable, reliable, modular heating systems

  • CSA Approved design 

Central Heat Modules

Fan Coil Heat Exchangers

Portable Glycol Air Heat Exchanger

  • CSA Approved Design

  • High CFM and Static Pressure Blowers (Centrigufal and Backwards Inclined) 

Heat Accessories

Process Heating Solutions

Process heating applications for industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities. 


Modular portable glycol heating systems are ideal candidates to be utilized for processing heating - both short and long term.


Modern high efficiency heating modules provide a cost effective - low maintenance solution. 


  • Well Batteries

  • 400BBL Tank Heating

  • CHP Maintenance

  • Industrial Shutdowns and Plant Turnarounds

  • Fluid Transfer System Heating

  • Dewating System Heating 

  • Atmonspheric heat modules are not pressure vessels and have lower operating costs

  • Multiple fuel possibilies - natural gas, propane gas, diesel, kerosene and field gas options. 


Restoration / Drying Solutions

Combined HEPA and Glycol Heating Exchangers


The DECU1000 is a fan-coil type liquid-to-air heat exchanger with high efficiency air filtering capabilities and a full, versatile control system. For drying application, the DECU1000 can be connected to any of DRYAIR's Central Heating Modules. 

  • Temperature controls can sense temperature of either the supply air stream or the return air stream and can be selected at the flick of a switch. This allows versatile setup on different DECU applications (ie: structure pressurization or circulation within a structure)


• Blower speed and air flow will continue even when heat is not being called for.

• A differential air-pressure gauge indicates reduced airflow due to dirty filters. By replacing the 2 pre-filters frequently, the life of the other more expensive filters will be prolonged. Utilize all 4 filters at once or, if not required, certain ones can be removed.

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