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Cavalier Industries, in partnership with DryAir, has integrated the proven range of DryAir glycol heat modules into a scalable system to provide an affordable, simple, highly fuel efficient product.


DryAir glycol heaters are designed to be a reliable and cost effective heating option for 400 BBL tanks as well as a number of other surface equipment pieces for the oil and gas market segment.


These units make a great alternative to high cost boilers and eliminating the hazards that come with using boilers. These units burn diesel fuel and use a blower system to heat a food grade biodegradable glycol. The glycol is then circulated through a 1” or 2" hose which connects to any surface equipment that has a 1” or 2” steam line installed and keeps the internal fluid of the equipment at a desired temperature.


The glycol heaters are an environmentally friendly source of heating as their footprint can be as little as 1/8th the size of a traditional boiler building.





  • No Hassle Setup

  • Small overal unit size to minimize space requirements


Less Maintenance:

  • Not a pressure vessel so no registration required, atmospheric pressure heat exchanger

  • Stainless construction so no corrosion


Sensible Solution:

  • Low power requirements

  • Natural Gas, Propane or Diesel fired

  • Utilize existing steam lines in tanks and rig iron

  • Utilize with liquid to liquid plate heat exchangers