IAQ control, during construction

Portable Indoor Air Quality Equipment.

Our goal throughout the construction process, is to provide equipment that can control temperature, humidity, and air quality. Our solution can span from green field construction to final occupancy and improve all aspects of the job.


Our ability to systematically manage indoor air quality through the various phases of the construction process provides many advantages for general contractors, and building ownership.


For a small additional cost IAQ control provides incredible value for contractors, throughout all stages of construction, from start to finish.

Create the ideal curing environment: drywall mud, mortars, coatings, and building materials cure on-site, on-time, as specified.

Protect sensitive millwork, by controlling humidity line with AWMAC (Architectural woodwork manufacturers association of Canada) specs.

Create an ideal curing environment for concrete, and concrete coatings. Reduce the use of permeable moisture barriers and reduce time/cost.

Reduce deficiencies: Maintain temp and humidity to reduce expansion and contraction of building materials, drive down related costs of deficiencies.

Provide workers with an optimal work environment to create a safe, productive job site.

Equipment Solutions

Glycol Heating

Cost effective / highly efficient. Easy to distribute heat in partitioned spaces. Ideal for high rise heating. Multiple fuel options

Indirect Heating

Highly efficient. High static pressure/CFM fans Ductable to 400’ Heat large open spaces effectively Positively pressurize building.

Desiccant Dehu

For use maximum dew point depression is needed. Dry large areas and buildings efficiently and rapidly. De-humidistat controlled for automatic operation.

Refrigerant Dehu

Low power consumption, highly effective, plug in anywhere solution. De-humidistat option standard Easy setup and move Low grain refrigerant design


Automatically controlled humification systems connect to city water source and humidify as required to maintain minimum humidity requirments. Designed to operate on 120v connections with simple garden hose fitting. Humidistat controlled.

Air Conditioning

Portable air or water cooled industrial air conditioning designed for your jobsite.