Job site lighting


Built for the Canadian Market.

Our commitment is to develop the highest quality equipment in order to provide real world solutions for demanding applications. Our approach is to consult and deliver engineered solutions to systematically manage job site lighting requirements to provide a safe work environment, while incorporating additional features and benefits into the machine design to increase performance, safety.


Light quality plays a role in workplace health, safety, productivity, and morale. Improving overall light quality can improve hazard identification, enhance overall mental alertness, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improve operational efficiency.


How to utilize site support equipment to maximize productivity, safety and operational efficiency.

Super High Output, High Definition Lighting (SHO-HD)

Patented Allmand SHO-HD technology provides 1250 watts of power to each fixture. Independent testing confirms that Allmand SHO-HD fixtures have industry leading colour rendering and lumen output.

Jobsite Heating - Provide temporary, in-direct fired heating for freeze protection and heating applications. Combine with GM gas monitoring option to increase safety on hazardous sites.

Temporary Power - Provide temporary power along with site lighting. 120/208v single and three phase available. Utilize one unit into multiple applications, or for back up power.

Create ideal light - Colour rendering is also a factor to consider in operations where it is necessary to differentiate colours (e.g., safety labels, emergency signs, etc.). Allmand SHO-HD provides industry leading colour rendering.

Create a safer work environment - provide sufficient lighting to mitigate risks and operate safely at night, while maximizing productivity.



Illuminance is the measure of “how bright” a working area is. The metric (SI) measure of illuminance is the lux (foot-candle in the Imperial System). In basic terms, a lumen is the measure of the intensity of light, while lux measures that intensity in terms of the area over which it is spread (1 lux = 1 lumen/m2). By way of analogy, if one litre of water is spread over one square foot, the water is a certain depth. If that one litre is spread over one square metre, the depth is much shallower.


How to utilize site support equipment to maximize productivity, safety and operational efficiency.

Examples of lux in everyday life.
Recommended illuminance values for industrial areas/activities - outdoor. (Table 1 examples from Figure A2-2 of ANSI / IESNA RP-7-01) (Table 2 Annex A CIE S 015/E:2005)