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Celebrating 30 years!

We've been bad at keeping up with our website posts - something we plan to change in the near term, and what better way to start than announce the latest developments at our company;

It's the story of a small business that has fought to exist - that has evolved over the years as times change. So we are pretty proud to announce that this month represents the 30th year of continuous operations for Cavalier Industries.

Our business has grown alongside the rental and equipment industry here in Canada. We have learned the hard way over the years - with many successes- and failures to develop and form our experience.

Thanks to our customers who make it possible - we work to be better - to sell and support products in a way that gives our customers the ultimate experience.

It's an excellent time to look in the past and remember our company founder Jim Johnson, who forged the first path and instilled a drive for excellence that remains in our company today.

Thanks to all our customers over the years - we look forward to many more as we continue on our path to becoming a global leader in the site support equipment industry.

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