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Introducing the IAQH-1000 indirect fired heater

Our IAQH range of indirect-fired heaters provide a centralized, large-scale heating solution for temporary construction heating applications.

Our units are ideal for hospitals, high rise, big-box stores, distribution centers, wood frame multi-family low rise, and a wide range of temporary commercial and industrial construction heating applications.

Our systems focus on creating a temporary environment that controls temperature and humidity in the job site to optimize the construction environment and process, focusing on application performance.

Our modulating type design means you have the horsepower for high output heating but can modulate down to match real-world conditions. We have limited burner cycling, and our control system brings unparalleled uptime, even in extreme cold with challenging power conditions - a feature paramount to most rental dealers and end-users.

In addition, we can provide constant pressurization and utilize several automatic makeup air strategies depending on locations, altitude, and ambient conditions to provide an optimal construction environment.

We control temperature and humidity better to optimize and maintain the internal building environment. Reliable heating during construction is critical - our system optimizes air quality, machine uptime, and project fuel efficiency to deliver real-world results.

The IAQH system provides a modern and reliable control system to manage all aspects of machine operations. As a result, we have industry-leading efficiency and reliability.

Do you own a fleet of temporary heating equipment?

Key Features:

High efficiency 304-grade stainless steel exchanger

Low power in-rush and power system friendly design

Advanced, simple controller to monitor all aspects of machine operations

Stackable design for summer storage

Modulating burner to reduce short cycling and optimize fuel efficiency

High static pressure and volume airflow

Easy to integrate into applications

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