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Field and Shop Services

Fleet readiness programs

General Repairs or Maintenance

Positive air shutdown installation

Warranty Repairs

OEM Rebuild Packages

Total Overhauls


Weld/Metal Fabrication

Electrical Inspections

Safety Inspections

Temp Heating Equipment

Complete service and maintenance and setup of construction heaters. Including indirect or direct fired, glycol and more.  

  • All burner brands serviced including Beckett, Riello, Wayne, and more

  • Heater Brands Serviced: DryAir, Campo, Frost Fighter, Wacker, Flagro, Sureflame and more

Aerial Work Platforms

In order to ensure that the AWP maintains its performance and safety characteristics over time, the machine must be subjected to regular inspections and maintenance activities.


  • Annual Inspections

  • Machine Repair

  • Hydraulic System Repair

  • Diesel Engine Repair

  • Equipment Life Analysis

  • Managed Maintenance Programs

Power Systems

Diesel/Natural Gas/Propane

Generator Systems

Lighting systems (Metal Halide,

HPS, or LED)

Power Distribution

Bi-Fuel Maintenance / Tuning and


DC Power Systems

Hybrid and Solar Technology


Telematic Systems

Complete remote management systems.

Location and GEO Fencing

Advanced ECU connection for remote maintenance monitoring.

Advanced warning programming for specific assets. 


Traffic Control Equipment

ISO based maintenance program to ensure critical uptime.

Battery Testing and Maintenance

Solar Cell testing

Programming / Firmware Updates

Vandalism Repair

Metal Fab and Paint

Design support services for specific

application requirements

Engineering Services

Metal fabrication

Engineered lifting points

Oilfield skids

Paint and Blasting for Rebuild

Lighting and Surveillance

LED Retrofit Systems: 240 watt - 600

watt solutions

System Trouble Shooting

System Automation

Stationary Lighting Packages

Stationary Surveillance Towers

Surveillance Equipment

Networking and IOT Equipment

Industrial Modems

Air and Gas Compression

Rotary Screw Compressors

Piston Compressors

Drying Systems: Refrigerant and

Desiccant Based

Control System Winterization

Cold Weather Retrofits

Air / Hydraulic Starters

Diesel and Electric based

Engine Overhaul & Rebuild

Engine Service Support

Teir 4 Trained Service Team

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Overhaul Services

DPF/DOC Emissions Equipment Maintenance

J1939 Can Bus Scoping and Code Reading

Natural Gas Engines: Lean and Rich Burn

Control and Automation

Control panel design and assembly

Advanced automation systems

Panel troubleshooting 

Annual maintenance programs for control panels

Electrical Equipment Repair

Submersible Pumps

Generator power distribution

Generator packaging

Generator overhaul

Synchronizing power systems

Power distribution packages

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