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Industrial Tools.

Built for the Canadian Market.

Wheeler Rex has been an industry leader for over 75 years and has developed advanced threader features such as through the die head oiling, auto open die heads, notch type quick adjustments, and ball detent die location.


Their quality is backed up by the best customer service in the business.

Pipe Cutters

  • Manual & Ratchet Snap Cutters

  • Steel Pipe Cutters

  • Soil Pipe Coupling Torque Wrenches

  • Hydraulic Pipe Cutters

  • KwikSnap

  • The PipeMaster

Grooving and Fabrication

  • Manual Roll Groover

  • Portable Roll Groovers

  • Hydraulic Roll Grooving Machines

  • Hydraulic Roll Grooving Accessories

  • Orbital Pipe Cutting Machine


  • Manual Ratchet Threader Sets

  • Mini Power Drives

  • Hand Oiler

  • Power Threading Machines

  • Cutting and Beveling Machines

  • Threader Carts

  • Universal Die Head

  • Pipe Dies for Universal Heads

Hydrostatic Test Pumps

  • Manual Operated

  • Gas Operated

  • Electric Operated

  • Pneumatic Operated

  • Fire Hose Testers

  • Vacuum Test Assembly

Pipe Working Tools

  • Tripod Vise Stand

  • Folding Tripod Pipe Supports

  • Yoke Vises

  • Floor Pipe Vises

  • Pipe Puller

  • Plug Popper

  • Pipe Dolly

Wrenches and Hand Tools

  • Pipe Wrenches

  • GripMaster

  • Spud Wrench

  • Double-Up Wrenches

  • Heavy Duty Deep Sockets

  • TwinTites™ 

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